Penn Valley man Roger Bast says he's now gay after viewing several Russian-created homosexual memes on Facebook.
Penn Valley man Roger Bast says he’s now gay after viewing several Russian-created homosexual memes on Facebook.

Chicago, Il— An unusually high number of highly suggestive gay memes have invaded Facebook, causing an abnormally large percentage of heterosexual men to “switch hit,” a recent study is reporting. The memes, which are reportedly originating from Macedonia and perhaps the Russian Federation, depict men in homosexual acts carefully cropped to avoid Facebook censorship.

“I was happily married with two kids,” said Penn Valley resident and Trump supporter Roger Bast, “but after receiving several of these gay Facebook memes on Facebook, I decided that I’m not cut out for the straight life.”

According to University of Chicago Professor James Badwater, this phenomenon is unprecedented.

“In the past it would have been ludicrous to think an image could change one’s sexual orientation,” said Professor Badwater speaking via a telephone interview. “But these persistent homosexual memes have had a huge impact on American men. What’s quite strange, is that we’re hearing a rather large number of conversions from Trump supporters. We need to investigate this further.”

The three-month study, which was sponsored by the Badwater Institute of Social Science and conducted by the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation, followed over 5400 men and their Facebook viewing habits. The study started out as a study of intra personal communication habits of male Trump supporters on social media, but quickly changed courses when a large coefficient of men started turning homosexual.

“Well, the data doesn’t lie,” said Rundex lead research Robert Colvin speaking from his Mountain View home office. “We haven’t seen numbers this high since there were Republican majorities in Congress. We’re not sure why these memes are so effective, but we’re speculating that this is another Russian disinformation campaign to distract Americans and cause infighting.”

In the study, entitled Homosexual Meme Conversion, as many as 61% of the participants have admitted to becoming homosexual after as little as 9 Gay meme viewings. Another 27% admitted being “curious,” and still another 14% admitted now being fans of the 1980s band Wham!

“All this is so new to me,” continued Mr. Bast. “It’s a whole new world that’s opened up. I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks Russia!”

The Russian Federation has denied any involvement in creating these memes.

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