Palo Alto, CA — A 1 year study by the Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation commissioned by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has found that as many of 61% of registered Republicans think that an ISIS attack on an abortion clinic would be “OK.” The study surveyed over 2000 Republicans and asked them about their opinions on gun violence in America.

Although there where over 100 questions on a variety of topics including back ground checks, gun-free zones and several others, the abortion clinic one surprised Rundex researchers.

“Well the data doesn’t lie,” said Rundex lead researcher Robert Colvin. “That doesn’t mean we’re not surprised at the findings. Only 23% of Republicans said that it would be unacceptable for an ISIS terrorist to attack a Planned Parenthood.  5% said it wouldn’t bother them and 61% said it would be OK.”

The study is sending shock waves through the Republican party which is already struggling with Donald Trump’s negative numbers. Party leaders fear that the Democrats will use the results to persuade more moderate voters to go their way.

“This makes Republicans look like a bunch of hypocrites, which we’re not,”  said Republican National Committee chair and Donald Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus speaking Sunday on Meet the Press. “The real news here is who sponsored it. The Southern Poverty Law center is a shill out for Democrats and liberals. They clearly positions these questions in a real ‘gotcha’ kind of way.”

There was a rift in the Republican base about how abortion clinics should be dealt with.

“Look, I don’t want no ISIS anywhere in America,” said Donald Trump supporter Dusty Warren outside Georgia Trump Campaign Headquarters in Stone Mountain. “We don’t need no ISIS to do the work of God and real Americans. If anyone is going to bomb an abortion clinic or whatever, it should be an American.”

Although the study was not meant for public consumption, it somehow was leaked to the Republican National Committee where instead of burying it, they took it out onto National Television. Rundex’s Mr. Colvin was nonplussed.

“I just compile and analyze the data,” continued Mr. Colvin. “I have no idea how it leaked out. And I have no idea why the GOP would publicize it to their advantage. I don’t get it. I don’t get anything anymore.”

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