The State of Jefferson Carwash
You might see a familiar figure in the State of Jefferson car wash.

Penn Valley, CA — Proponents of the proposed State of Jefferson have been criticized recently for their failure to provide information on how the creation and operation of their new state will be funded.  Responding to that criticism today, State of Jefferson leaders finally released details of their funding plan to operate the new state.  Announcing the plan today at a press conference in Nevada City at the site of the proposed Penn Valley Cultural Center, were Jefferson leaders Eddie Garcia and Fran Freedle, together with a handful local supporters in attendance.

Garcia acknowledged that his team had been slow in releasing this information, but emphasized how important it was to have the fundraising proposals bulletproof before disclosing them to the public.  Garcia began by noting that the State of California funding was too complex and detrimental to rural areas.  He said that beginning now, Jefferson supporters would keep it simple and avoid the over-regulation that burdens all of us living in this state.  He said that the loss of revenue from personal income and other oppressive taxes would be offset by a new program of fundraising, using car washes and similar events to build a revenue base sufficient to support the very reduced infrastructure financial needs of the new state.

Garcia said that the Jefferson proponents had held a summit in January to explore funding sources, and that someone suggested they use time-honored traditional methods of fundraising that have proven successful for a wide variety of community organizations in the past.

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