Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Dept. of State is under fire from President Donald Trump and his supporters after issuing a statement urging travelers to avoid the continental United States on an indefinite basis citing widespread civil unrest, simultaneous riots in dozens of cities, organized retaliation by state-sponsored paramilitaries known locally as “the police.”

Ongoing widespread concerns about the unmitigated and often intentional spread of COVID-19, federal authorities have taken the unprecedented step of halting international travel for at least one week starting Monday, June 22.

“Virtually all commercial flights, passenger rail, and auto traffic into and out the United States are suspended during this time period,” State Dept. officials said in a statement Friday night. “Domestic air and rail travel will also be suspended.”

Fear over the travel ban’s financial impact on Trump’s hotels and casinos allegedly drove the President to fire Secretary of State and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo behind closed doors Friday night, according to sources within the First Family, who claim the president appears to have forgotten the conversation later after ingesting a mysterious new medication.

Despite any pushback from the White House, this puts the State Dept. in good company alongside governments in Mexico, Japan, Venezuela, and Uruguay. While those nations have expressed varying levels of concern about allowing their citizens to travel in the United States, Pompeo went a step further in advising U.S. citizens to leave the U.S. as soon as possible.

Australia, one of the embattled superpower’s former allies, first warned their citizens not to travel to the U.S. months ago citing “extreme risk” associated with the unmitigated spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, on June 12, the Australian government warned its citizens to avoid the U.S. due to ongoing civil unrest.

“There have been ongoing protests in a number of cities,” Australian officials said in a statement posted at smarttraveler.gov.au.

“Protestor numbers in the larger cities can swell quickly. Avoid all demonstrations and protests due to the ongoing potential for violence. Monitor the media for information on the latest developments and follow the instructions of local authorities, including obeying all curfews.”

When asked to comment on recent developments, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in an email that senior officials at the Department of Defense have been asked to draft plans for the invasion of Australia, Mexico, Japan, Venezuela, and Uruguay by the end of July. Plans to deploy the active-duty military to major cities in the Mid West and West Coast regions, however, will continue unabated.

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