April Smith having a hard day at Staples
April Smith having a hard day at Staples

Grass Valley, CA — A stapler failed to staple at the Grass Valley Staples on Friday when checker April Smith attempted to staple multiple receipts to a customer’s order.

“I was just standing there waiting for my receipts,” explained Jim Jones of Penn Valley, “when her stapler just malfunctioned. She just kept pounding on it to get it to work, but it didn’t. She just handed me all the receipts.”

According to people close to Mr. Jones, he was purchasing large sticker paper in order to create free bumper stickers for this week’s Farmer’s Market in Grass Valley.

“I’m gonna be handing out some free bumper stickers on Thursday at the Farmer’s market in Grass Valley,” Mr. Jones told Gish Gallop. “Look for the barefoot guy with a stack of bumper stickers.”

As far as April Smith’s issue with the malfunctioning stapler inside Staples she said, “ironic. Yeah, right? It’s kind of embarrassing that a place called Staples has trouble with their staples.”

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