It's safe to be a Nazi again now that Trump is President.
It’s safe to be a Nazi again now that Trump is President.

Facebook — A local Nevada County Troll’s for Trump group was taken by surprise by an invasion of a supposed foreign ‘refugee’ Troll from neighboring Facebook groups yesterday afternoon. Although it’s unclear where the invaders came from, Facebook officials have ruled out Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bakersfield, CA.

“We were taken completely by surprise, they just flooded in and started calling us Nazis, and then threatened to punch Nazis,” Chris Christobel, de facto leader and Trump enthusiast. “And we might lean a little to the fascist side, but never full-blown Nazis!”

Many eyewitnesses said they saw several members pretending like they hated Nazis, but didn’t go as far to say they were the bad guys but rather communists were much worse. Apparently the invasion happened due to traitors lurking within the Trump for Trolls Facebook group.

“We suspect several moles within the group and will not rest until every last one is revealed, they won’t get away with this terrorism,” Christobel continued.  “All applications to the group will be suspended and current members will be retroactively banned pending a thorough and rigorous vetting.  They have taken advantage of our safe space, and we cannot let this go unpunished.  We suspect they are paid agitators funded by George Soros, we’re just waiting for confirmation from the home office,” he continued in a shaken voice. “No one was hurt, physically, but some definitely had their feelings badly hurt. We will be offering counseling and Art of the Deal coloring books to those harmed.”

Annika Moon-Henderson, local glassblower and part-time ‘fire dancer’ says she was falsely accused of orchestrating the plot.

“I don’t even know what a Troll is, my sister-in-law just randomly added me to this group, the next thing I know I’m being told I’m a mole and to get out,” said a confused and somewhat distraught Moon-Henderson. “My sister did the same thing to me when I was 17 when my parents kicked me out.”

A collection is being taken up by a former Nevada County Supervisor to ease the burden of costs involved with the recovery.

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