Trump sends Rice and Beans to the Purrto Rican people after Hurricane Maria.
Trump sends Rice and Beans to the Puerto Rican people after Hurricane Maria.

San Juan, P.R. — Last week’s Hurricane Maria brought feet of rain and over 140 mph winds to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. There are few buildings on the island without damage, power is out and flooding remains on some streets. The U.S. government has responded with over 10,000 personnel, hundreds of aircraft and ships to bring relief to the island’s residents.

Many residents are angry and are talking about racism after finding that the supplies received were boxes of rice and beans. The food staple has been stereotyped as a favorite of the Puerto Rican people.

Miguel Madera, a resident of Puerto Rico, directed his anger at President Trump.

“You know that orange bastard did this on purpose! They are probably laughing their asses off imagining us opening the relief supplies,” said Miguel. “You don’t see them sending biscuits and gravy to some bullshit trailer park that gets leveled by a tornado! Trump did this on purpose!”

FEMA has responded to the allegation of racial insensitivity, they said that rice and beans are commonly used because it is cost effective and nutritious. Large quantities can be cooked at once and it is easily transported. Any stereotype coincidence is just that, a coincidence.

At the White House, President Trump was questioned by Gish Gallop about the rice and beans that are being sent on purpose.

“Of course it was on purpose. The people there are stressed and overwhelmed by the destruction, we wanted to send them food they, as a people, love!” said President Trump. “We are trying to boost morale and send a message of understanding to the Puerto Rican people!”

For now, the people of Puerto Rico are happy to have food for their families. But political analysts look for this to be an issue for Trump down the road.

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