Hillary Clinton with her red beret during the Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa.
Hillary Clinton with her red beret during the Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa.

Des Moines, IA — Critics on both sides of the political aisle questioned Hillary Clinton’s decision to wear a French beret on stage during the 2nd Democratic debate held in Des Moines, Iowa. Throughout the entire debate, no one including Ms. Clinton made any mention of the headgear, but it was clear that the former Secretary of State and Senator from New York was trying to imply something.

“We, like all the Democratic candidates, stand with the French people tonight,” said Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri. “We believe that Hillary’s vast foreign policy experience as Secretary of State makes her the best-prepared candidate for President. As for the French crisis, no one understands more what’s at stake than Hillary.”

The red beret, which Ms. Clinton donned before going on stage, caught the other candidates off guard and seemed, at least to critics, that she was attempting to “gain points” by capitalizing on the current events.

“If you look at the other candidates,” said political observer Chance Wetherfield of Real Clear Politics, “they were stunned and this stunt knocked them off guard. Hillary knows how to play this political game. And tonight, she played it with a hat.”

The Bernie Sanders campaign released the following statement, without mentioning the beret.

“We think Hillary is a fantastic leader, but there are key areas where we disagree with her,” said Sanders’ press secretary Symone D. Sanders [note: no relation to Bernie Sanders]. “However we run a grassroots campaign here and do not need to resort to stunts to get attention.”

Further questions to the Clinton campaign went unanswered.

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