The Trump Administration has denied any involvement in the deportation of SNL's Lorne Michaels.
The Trump Administration has denied any involvement in the deportation of SNL’s Lorne Michaels.

Toronto, Canada — Creator and Producer of Saturday Night Live Lorne Michaels has reportedly been deported back to his native country of Canada. Lorne Michaels (born Lorne Lipowitz; November 17, 1944) was seized by immigration officials early Sunday morning from his Amagansett, New York home without any forewarning.

Lorne Michaels was born in British occupied Palestine and his family immigrated to Canada while he was an infant. In 1968 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a writing career and has been under the immigration radar since. With the election of President Donald Trump, and SNL’s subsequent  lampooning of him by Alec Baldwin, immigration experts suspect that the deportation action of the weekend was linked to that. However when questioned today about the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement action, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denied that Mr. Baldwin’s portrayal of a bumbling Donald Trump had anything to do with it.

“Look, President Trump doesn’t do those kinds of things,” said a bristling and uncomfortable Secretary Spicer. “Everyone know that the President didn’t find Mr. Baldwin’s performance funny or accurate, but to suggest that he’d use his executive power to punish Lorne Michaels is just more media spin and alternative facts.”

According to a spokesperson for Mr. Michaels, who is safely back in Toronto, he plans on fighting this deportation with the help of the ACLU and NBC.

“Obviously Mr. Michaels and his family are upset about this,” said SNL and Lorne Michaels spokesperson Bethany Millbright. “And he plans on fighting his way back into the United States where he can get back to work. It’s clear that this is retribution for SNLs depiction of Trump and we believe the courts will see right through the Administration’s shenanigans.”

According to NBC, Saturday Night Live will broadcast on schedule at its normal time.

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