Atlanta, GA — Smoking is one of the most unhealthy habits that over 40 million Americans have. It can cause several different cancers and lung diseases. The most severe side effects come from women smoking while pregnant.

Dr. Ren Hoek of the CDC in Atlanta recently completed a 15-year study on children who had Mothers that smoked while they were pregnant. Dr. Hoek spoke to Gish Gallop about his results.

“The study showed a disturbing trend. 18 out of the 20 kids studied have turned into assholes”, said Dr. Hoek. “I mean serious assholes. For example, the girls wear thick make-up showing their bodies while the boys cannot wear their pants above their knees!”

Misty Reynold is the oldest child in the study, recently turning 18. She spoke to Gish Gallop, giving her thoughts on the study.

“Whatever, I mean, so what if I show off my body? I’m 250lbs of sexy!” said Misty. “I turned out just fine, and so did my babies. I smoked through their pregnancy. Shut up, you little jerks! (yelling at her kids), whatever, Hoek is full of shit!”

The results have been published on the CDC website, the results of smoking while pregnant are severe. Severe assholes.

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