Horace "Bored" Georgeman in his Lake Wildwood home office.
Horace “Bored” Georgeman in his Lake Wildwood home office.

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Penn Valley, CA — It is with great sadness to report that long-time Gish Gallop columnist and beat reporter Horace “Bored” Georgeman has passed away following what appears to be an accidental car crash on Highway 20. His Oldsmobile flew over the Vista Point embankment after he’d fallen asleep at the wheel.

“We are deeply saddened by Mr. Georgeman’s passing,” said Gish Gallop President Louis “Lou” LaPlante in a prepared statement. “I’ll never forget the first time he showed up in the Penn Valley office to complain about our articles on defecation and chemtrails. In that order. I knew he was a perfect fit for Gish Gallop team and I hired him on the spot. There’s a hole in the local  journalist community that just can’t be filled.”

As the author of over 45 Gish Gallop articles, Horace “Bored” Georgeman became a national sensation overnight after publishing his groundbreaking investigation on plans to drain Lake Tahoe to solve California’s drought. But Georgeman, as he was called around Gish Gallop offices, wasn’t done there. Even though he was approaching 80 years of age, the man didn’t slow down. He went undercover to expose the ISIS training camp located in the Malakoff Diggins State Park. Those efforts earned him several awards, and made him a target of the terrorist group and Ranch Dressing manufacturers as well.

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