North Pole — 9 reindeer have been added to the ranks of the unemployed as Santa has laid off his herd of flying reindeer. Santa has outsourced to a low-cost delivery service in Mexico. The move is expected to save Santa 4,000,000 dollars in salaries, food, and benefits.

The Mexican delivery service El Holiday Express has been trying to win Santa’s business for many years, doing little work in North America last year as a trial run. The company runs a sleek, state-of-the-art fleet of flying chihuahuas. The dogs are far cheaper to maintain than reindeer allowing El Holiday’s owner Juan Sanchez, to do Santa’s deliveries cheaper. In addition, the company has seven sled teams, making the deliveries faster, and getting done in 12 hours.

Gish Gallop spoke to the head reindeer Rudolph about the move.

“It’s unbelievable. I mean, we knew Santa wasn’t happy when we voted in the Teamsters union, but lay off!” said Rudolph. “We toted his fat ass around for centuries, and now that we wanted a better pension, he bails on us… I have child support payments to make!”

The Teamsters Union is calling for an all-out boycott of Santa. No shopping mall pictures, letters, or acceptance of North Pole brand toys. “Reindeer have the right to work, same as you and me,” said Union rep Tom Savino. “Santa outsourcing these jobs is exactly wrong with greedy corporations today.”

Sled company El Holiday asks children to leave dog treats and Cuban cigars for their delivery teams. “We hope none of our all Latino sled drivers are arrested for breaking like they were last year.”

Donald Trump is stepping in. He is scheduled to meet with Santa after Christmas to discuss the layoffs. “We are gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse,” said Trump.

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