Santa Ana, CA — For the last week, consumers have discovered a new feature on their Samsung SmartTVs that raised some eyebrows.

A report, from a Mrs. Karen McDowell, states that she was about to sit in and watch re-runs of “Murder, She Wrote” after a long week of protesting the quarantine in Huntington Beach when she noticed that her TV included a new app.  PornHub.  “I was completely shocked.”

Another report, George Veech, a local man to the Santa Ana community told us that he was “looking through his cousin’s Instagram photos” when he heard the sounds of a “woman moaning and a donkey in distress” coming from the other room where his three children had been watching their favorite television show on Disney+.

“So yeah, I was just ‘liking’ this picture here of my cousin’s dress, and then I hear like, porn or something coming from the living room,” said Mr. Veech.  “At first, I thought ‘oh shit, George, you left your computer open again” and ran into the living room.  I saw the TV, and it was PornHub, and I was like, ‘what the fuck?'”

But it didn’t stop there. It kept getting more graphic.

“There was a straight-up donkey show on my fuckin’ 65″ UHD TV bro, crystal clear,” continued Veech.  “I never have seen a donkey penis so clearly.  I’m like ‘no way’ and then yell at my kids to all get out.  About 20 minutes later, after I finally managed to finish and turn it off.  I haven’t told my wife about it yet.”

We asked George if he reported the issue to Samsung yet.

“Well, someone ought to do something about this, man kids could be watching this shit like how mine found it.  I mean I’m not going to complain I’ll just tell the kids to go play outside from now on.”

A Best Buy in Gary, Indiana, reported that all at once, as soon as they flipped on their wall of display television, the default app the TV was set to PornHub.

“We just opened up these TVs today for our store’s first day back open since the lockdown,” Evan Petersburg, Geek Squad Manager said. “It’s almost like Black Friday here, so you can imagine how many people were already standing in line waiting to purchase these TVs.  We flipped em’ all on at the same time.  That was a mistake.  I don’t think any of those poor people will look at a cucumber the same way again.”

Samsung has yet to address this technical issue.

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