New York, NY — Legendary lead singer of the heavy metal band Led Zepplin Robert Plant was spotted this week outside a Greenwich Village used record store clutching a Nickelback album. Several fans wondered why the rock god would embrace such a pedestrian and mundane group.

“He was just standing there like he was waiting for someone,” said visiting record collector Jimmy ‘Ace’ Hamilton. “So instead of asking him for an autograph, I asked him what was up with the Nickelback album. And he kinda looked at me strangely and said, ‘they’re a great band with a great sound. I love them.'”

News spread quickly through the music world of what the music press called “Robert Plant’s Favorite Band.” Protests erupted worldwide, with Stockton, CA even holding a bonfire where fans could burn their Led Zepplin albums in protest.

When reached for comment, Mr. Plant’s communication manager said that the entire thing was blown out of proportion and that everyone knows his favorite band is and has been ABBA.

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