Bald Knob, KY — Across the country Trump-loving Republicans are perplexed about what happened to their favorite evening news host and pundit Stephen Colbert. Mr. Colbert was the host of The Colbert Report from 2005 to 2014, a popular show among conservatives, and second in ratings to Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, which aired at a similar time. Colbert mentioned on numerous occasions that he deeply admired host Bill O’Reilly even though they competed for the same audience.

Starting in 2015, Colbert abruptly left The Colbert Report and began making appearances on CBS’s The Late Show. Many of his conservative fans were startled by the move. But what caught them off guard was his radical change in tone and point of view.

“He used to be just like Glenn Beck, and then overnight the guy turned into a libtard,” said Bald Knob, Kentucky resident Caspian Peril who claims he was ‘Colbert’s number one fan, even though he had a French-sounding name.’ “Look, he spoke to a lot of us out here who aren’t super smart, but we know a thing or two about living. Then I heard from my QAnon that he might be a clone. That would explain a lot.”

Since taking over the Late Show from David Letter, Stephen Colbert shed his former personality. He embraced an Anti-Trump, left-of-center political stance, which has both angered and confused his old Republican fans.

“Yessir. Now, he’s on every night going on and on about our great President–making fun of him and shit like that,” continued. Mr. Peril. “Half the time, I don’t get what’s so funny, which makes me believe even more that he’s a clone. Although I’m not sure what a clone is, but it doesn’t sound very Christian. Colbert says he’s a Catholic. That might explain things too.”

For his part, Mr. Colbert has publicly denied being a clone, but he says everyone is welcome to watch his shows. He also says that although he enjoyed his tenure at The Colbert Report, he has no plans to return to that format.

“Look, there’s an old saying about those who forget history. I don’t remember it, but it’s good,” recalled, or not recalling, Mr. Colbert speaking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week. “I deliver my Truth hot and hard, and it takes a certain kind of person to receive that deep thrust. Not everyone can take it.”

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