Cruz's plan is to create mass graves for Transgender individuals
Cruz’s plan is to create mass graves for Transgender individuals


Cleveland, OH- During the Republican National Convention last week, Ted Cruz made yet another shocking statement. He came out to the enthusiastic crowd of whites saying that he believes transgender people should not be buried next to Christians in American cemeteries.

The Senator Cruz spoke to Gish Gallop about his statement.

“As we all know, transgender people die of AIDS often. They are being buried next to our righteous brothers and sisters of the church,” said Cruz, “we need to create a spot in the back of the cemetery for them to be laid to rest where they cannot taint our Christian brethren in their eternal rest.”

This statement has sparked major outrage in the transgender community.

“They [transgendered people] are dealing with a bathroom controversy and now they are being told they cannot even spend eternity in peace?” wrote some Twitter user.

Transgender activist Rainey Springs spoke to Gish Gallop about Cruz’s statement.

“Maybe that idiot [Ted Cruz] should be cremated and spread in a port-o-pot,” said Rainey. “We deserve the same dignity in death as anyone else!”

Cruz has doubled down on his previous statement, saying he now believes transgender individuals should be placed in a mass grave in South Carolina.

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