GOP Debate Penis size
Senators Rubio and Cruz were the first to drop their pants. Donald Trump soon after. Governor Kasich chose not to participate.

Detroit, MI — During a particularly awkward moment during the Republican debate held in Detroit, Michigan, moderator Megyn Kelly admonished the candidates for dragging their body parts into their stump speeches. While asking Senator Marco Rubio if it was appropriate to make references to Donald Trump’s endowment, the brash New York business man interjected.

“Let me tell you Megyn,” said an overconfident Donald Trump, “I’m the biggest man here on the stage, if you know what I mean. And I’m sure you do.”

At which point Senator Ted Cruz, apparently feeling left out of the mêlee, promptly dropped his pants and exposed himself to Trump.

“Well lookie here Donald,” Senator Cruz said as he wagged his tallywagger at Mr. Trump. “Ain’t nobody saying that I’m not the commander-in-chief here. Nobody.”

Mr. Trump, apparently unimpressed with Cruz’s manhood display, started to unbuckle his pants much to the protests of the Fox News moderators who were quickly losing control of the debate.

“Wait a minute. Just wait a minute,” interrupted a nervous Marco Rubio. “Don’t let Donald’s tricks fool you. He’s never going to show you anything. It’s all a show. A fraud.”

As he continued to talk, Rubio stepped in front of his lectern, dropped his pants, and exposed himself to the entire audience.

“See, what do you think about these presidential qualities,” beamed Senator Rubio. “Whoooohooo!”

However Rubio’s confidence was short-lived as Ms. Kelley pointed at him and began to laugh, briefly covering her mouth in trying to hide her embarrassment. Rubio abruptly pulled up his pants and scurried off stage.

Governor Kasich, who chose not to share his body parts with America, is apparently the largest of them all, according to GOP insiders.

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