Washington D.C. — The political landscape is littered with left and right-wing groups ranging from minor lobbying to Conspiracy Theory. None have become more popular than Far-Right Group QAnon. QAnon has posted numerous theories that the government is run by a secret cabal of pedophiles and lizard people. With a surprising cult-like following, QAnon has taken the spotlight from major media groups and cast itself as the front runner in Conservative news.

Along with a massive following on the internet, QAnon has become a power in the financial markets, listed as WAKO on the Nasdaq market. Bolstered by huge donations and sponsors like Reynolds Aluminum Foil and My Pillow, the group has posted a strong 4th quarter,  earning $1.7 billion.

QAnon organizer, site host, and CEO Jason Galenis released a statement on his website WAKO.com, the main site for QAnon users.

“We are pleased with our strong fourth-quarter earnings. We couldn’t have done this without the generous donations of our beloved fans. Rest assured that your money is going to… good use, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way”.

Analysts on Wall Street have been trying to figure out how this is possible after nearly every prediction made by the WAKO group has not come to fruition. Predictions that in January, after the election, a military coup would have resulted in Congress being arrested for treason and Trump remaining President.

Other failed QAnon predictions include Elvis returning from the lizard people planet Kalepto. Hot pockets being microwaved and used as bricks to build the border wall. And, The ink in tattoo’s reacting with chemtrail chemicals to cause cancer.

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