The statue features Robbie Darrenson whom many consider to be the father of the modern anti-chemtrail movement.
The statue features Robbie Darrenson whom many consider being the father of the modern anti-chemtrail movement.

Redding, CA — A pro-science group has petitioned the local government to have what they call is a “pro-Chemtrail/anti-science” statue removed from outside the city’s popular Fantasy Fountain water amusement park. The statue, which features Robbie Darrenson whom many consider being the father of the modern anti-chemtrail movement, was erected last year by area Chemtrail Action Group or CAN to commemorate his courageous efforts to “take back our skies.”

According to a memorandum published by CAN today, the government and corporate interests have been working with former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold and his new company Intellectual Ventures to control our skies. CAN, working with several area anonymous donors, dedicated the statue to remind people that “globalist elites” are trying to control every aspect of our lives. Starting with our skies and then onto our precious bodily fluids.”

The group fighting to have the statue removed, which is a loose coalition of scientists, academics and activists housewives is represented by San Jose, CA science advocate Mitch Helstein.

“It’s important to remember what’s at stake here,” said Mr. Helstein during a phone interview on Friday. “The people who put up this stupid statue have swindled donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars through bogus websites and phony campaigns. And there was no greater swindler than Robbie Darrenson, who milked millions of dollars from unsuspecting people on his website”

Robbie Darrenson was an early proponent of solar energy when he was employed at the multinational energy and construction giant Bechtel. After, as he puts in his biography, hearing the voice of Jesus in a dream, be moved his family to Redding, CA and started advocating against a little-known topic at the time called “Chemtrails.” This was 1992. Over the years he developed a large following on his website, and collected what some say are millions of dollars to install billboards around the country warning people to “look up.” He founded CAN in 2011.

Shortly before his mysterious death last year, which some say occurred under suspicious circumstances involving a ride-on lawn mower, Mr. Darrenson spent an estimated $400,000 of his Foundation’s money on this a statue of himself.

According to Mr. Helstein, all this money was fraudulently obtained.

“Look, this is all a fraud,” continued Mr. Helstein. “The whole thing’s a fraud and that statue needs to come down. There’s no one there to tell the other side of the story, so people are just going to see this, and think it’s real and that this guy was good. He’s not. And it’s all lies and it needs to come down. ”

The Redding City Council plans on hearing the formal complaint next week in its chambers.

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