Cincinnati, OH — Procter and Gamble announced late last week that it plans on releasing a gluten-free version of its popular laundry detergent product Tide. The move, which is not without controversy, is aimed at a “younger and more progressive new market,” according to the company.

“It’s important that we meet our customers in how they’re using our products,” said P&G Director of Marketing Bethany Millbright. “And there’s a new and exciting generation using our products in ways we never imagined. We here at Procter and Gamble support all kinds of lifestyles, and certainly a gluten-free one we’re embracing.”

During the first few weeks of 2018, media publications started reporting about teenagers participating in the “Tide Pod Challenge.” The challenge is an¬†Internet challenge in which an individual consumes Tide Pods.¬†Teenagers were the reported demographic participating in the challenge; they would record themselves chewing and gagging on pods and then daring others to do the same.

“Of course, we don’t condone eating Tide Pods,” continued Ms. Millbright. “We’re just addressing the need for a more progressive, gluten-free market. And while they may still end up writhing on the floor in the throes of anaphylactic seizures, those seizures will not have been caused by a gluten allergy reaction attributable to Tide’s products.

Gluten-free Tide pods will be on store shelves early next year.

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