Dallas, TX — Doctor Barry Stone likes to give you his opinion, partially because he’s opinionated, but mostly because he’s a surgeon.

“A man can go along obeying all the rules, and then it doesn’t matter a damn anymore,” said Doctor Stone between procedures at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. “I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for what I did; there are just some things more important than surgery.”

During a routine tumor resection, Dr. Stone, who is the attending GI surgeon at Baylor, decided to make a point by not wearing a mask. He shocked both colleagues and administrators with his aggressive take on medical safety and hygiene.

“Look,” said Dr. Stone as he entered the operatory, “this is about liberty and the American way. I’m with our President, and if you’re not with our President, you’re a Libtard communist.” At which point, one nurse joined the doctor by removing her mask and yelling, “Trump 2020.”

But that was just the beginning as Doctor Stone refused to wash his hands, nor wear surgical gloves.

“You see, this is what the Liberal media wants you to think, or better how they want you to behave,” continued Dr. Stone, lighting a cigarette to collective gasps of his co-workers. “It’s all fake, and by wearing masks and worrying about silly germs, you’re just making sure there’s a Democrat in the White House next year.”

But what shocked the surgical staff more than anything was the reaction from the patient who, while significantly drugged with pre-operation sedatives, saluted Dr. Stone for, as one nurse noted, “true MAGA spirit.”

“The patient was doped up on Versed, but he raised his right hand and tried to salute Dr. Stone. He told him to go ahead, and he’d see him on the other side.”

After a 6 hour resection, the tumor was removed from the patient, and Dr. Stone reported that the procedure was a success. However, the subject died 24 hours later from septic shock.

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