Trump and first daughter Ivanka seen here just prior to the President's unfortunate remarks.
Trump and first daughter Ivanka seen here just prior to the President’s unfortunate remarks.

Washington, D.C. — The President made an accidental slip of the tongue today and mispronounced the African country Niger. During comments made at an impromptu press conference today on the White House south lawn, Mr. Trump let the unfortunate mispronunciation out after being asked by Fox News about what his administration was doing to bring some closure to the recent tragedy that unfolded in the troubled African nation. At the end of his talk with the press, Trump vowed to ban all travel from the country, saying that “the Niger problem must be contained to keep America safe, OK?”

On October 4, a small group of U.S. troops was preparing to leave a meeting with community leaders near the small town of Tongo Tongo in Niger. They were close to the Malian border, traveling in unarmored pick-up trucks with limited weaponry and a few dozen of their Nigerien counterparts. Then they were ambushed. By the time the more than 30-minute assault was over, three U.S. troops were confirmed dead and two more were gravely injured. Another, Sergeant La David Johnson, was missing and his body would not be recovered for another two days.

The President also mentioned that “Niger is very unstable and frankly can’t be trusted. Very hostile,” repeatedly mispronouncing the country, much to the dismay of the press corp. When Jim Acosta of CNN tried to correct the President as he was attempting to leave, Trump put his hand to his ear and pretended not to hear the senior reporter pointing to the noise of the helicopter which loomed loud over the gathering. He was accompanied by his daughter Ivanka who pretended not to understand what the President was saying, preferring to stare off into the distance with a decidedly concerned look on her face.

Later in the day, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sought to clarify what the President actually meant when he misspoke.

“The President obviously didn’t mean what he actually said,” said an aggressive Ms. Sanders speaking from the podium during the daily press conference. “No one really believes that he actually believes that kind of stuff. And you in the press are hanging on each and every word he says, waiting for him to make a mistake. There’s no ‘there-there’.”

The President’s unfortunate comments were played over and over again on CNN and MSNBC, with Fox News choosing to ignore the altercation and run selections from the Steve Bannon produced documentary “Clinton Cash” throughout the day.

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