President Trump Blocks James Comey On Twitter

According to White House sources, President Donald Trump has blocked former FBI Director James Comey.
According to White House sources, President Donald Trump has blocked former FBI Director James Comey.

Washington D.C. — President Trump’s often controversial Twitter feed has yet again caused him trouble. President Trump has blocked former FBI Director James Comey from his Twitter account.  Comey was heading up an investigation of President Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 election. Trump fired Comey before he was able to finish the investigation.

The firing of Comey upset many  on the political Left, as they felt it was simply to silence him before he could release the findings of his investigation. The same group wanted Comey fired during the 2016 election after he released information that hurt then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances of victory.

President Trump made this Twitter announcement regarding his deleting and blocking Comey.

“Sometimes you have to show people who you are serious. Pay attention Bibi,” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “or you may be next.”

Media outlets have speculated that Comey may have angered Trump by posting a meme of depicting President Trump in the painting of Vigo the Carpathian from the “Ghostbusters 2” film. Trump has been criticized for his thin skin when it comes to social media, it has given his PR staff nightmares and he has often taken to social media to express himself over perceived slights.

Comey quickly took to Twitter with this simple response, “It’s OK, I forgive you Comrade.”

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