Pope to ISIS: bring it on.
Pope to ISIS: bring it on.

The Vatican — The threat of religious war is becoming a reality as ISIS  leaders have threatened the Pope with war. The Muslim faith and Christianity have had a tumultuous relationship since the creation of the faiths. Pope Francis, the 266th leader of the Catholic Church, is seen as the face of all  Catholic Christians and it is no surprise that ISIS would target him with their threat of holy war.

The Pope released a statement to ISIS this morning, answering the threat of holy war.

“I say to the agent of terror, bring it on. We repelled you during the Crusades, we will do it again.”

The Pope’s remarks came as a shock to many, as no other Pope has called for outright war. Many question whether the Pope Francis should step down as the leader of the Catholic faith. Some think he was just having a bad day.

Tammy McMahan, a Catholic from Boston spoke to Gish Gallop about the Pope’s comments.

“I cannot believe he would say that, even though kicking the crap out of those dirt bags would be fun,” said McMahan. “I guess we will stand behind him the same way our forefathers did in England when they were threatened to convert or die. Then again, maybe he was just a bit grumpy.”

Leaders from ISIS have not yet responded to the Pope’s remarks.

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