The Vatican — Pope Francis is finding himself under fire by American conservatives after being overheard on microphones calling American President Trump an “asshole.” This is coming after President Trump signed an executive order halting traveler’s from seven predominately Muslim nations from entering the United States.

The Pope was having a conversation with his fellow religious leaders, when a microphone that was accidentally left on overheard the Pope saying, “the guy is a complete idiotic asshole, his ideals will destroy America.”

Many conservative Americans are firing back at the Pope, and conservative David Forsythe said, “Who takes a guy wearing that ridiculous hat seriously, he looks like a circus act.”

Liberal Christians and non-Christians alike are happy to hear about the Pope’s words, feeling that they are validated in their thoughts about Trump. Fresno-based Unitarian minister Christal Setee spoke to Gish Gallop about the Pope’s words.

“I am happy that world leaders realize that this President does not represent all Americans,” said Setee. “Besides, I am pretty sure if the Pope calls you an asshole, you are an asshole.”

The Pope has issued an official apology on Twitter, saying that his words were taken out of context. Saying he wasn’t referring directly to Trump. The apology was published on Twitter as Trump has been unreachable while at his Florida estate.

The Trump camp has issued a brief statement released on Twitter saying, “our relationship with the Pope has been great, he said I could try on his hat next visit.”

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