Trump tower's polling location raises some eyebrows.
Trump tower’s polling location raises some eyebrows.

New York, NY — New York election officials are coming under fire for installing election polling stations inside the iconic Trump Tower in New York City. Trump Tower, which not only the flagship Donald Trump property but also the headquarters  of the 2016 Donald Trump for President, is one of the most inappropriate places to allow people to vote according to some election officials.

It is unclear how polling stations came to be in the Trump Campaign headquarters, but many New Yorkers they didn’t understand what the issue was.

“I was happy to vote here,” said Teresa Piccio speaking out in front of the voting precinct. “I’m not voting for Trump or anything like that, although I have to admit it was a bit weird casting my ballot for Hillary with all the Trump signs and men in black suits around.”

According to New York election officials, this is a completely normal installment.

“We’ve had a small polling station installed in Trump Towers for decades now,”  said election commissioner Andrew J. Spano via telephone interview. “Sure, we added a few more voting booths and electronic voting gear, but other than that it’s no different years past. There is no monkey business going on here.”

Critics of the polling station say there is an obvious conflict of interest and that having a polling location at the headquarters of a major Presidential candidate might “unduly influence voters.”

“It’s hard for me to imagine how this plays into Trump’s ‘rigged’ rhetoric,” said Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in an interview with CNN. “We all know that Donald Trump has trouble with the truth, but think about what message this sends. Also, this kind of the behavior is the exact opposite of what he is talking about.”

Several media outlets are reporting long lines outside the Trump Tower polling location, with several voters excited about casting their ballots inside the highly recognizable New York landmark.

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