Secretary of Education Bert DeVos discussing her education plans with a select House Committee.
Secretary of Education Bert DeVos discussing her education plans with a select House Committee.

Washington D.C. — The Hart Research Associates conducted a poll for the American Federation of Teachers, a 1.5 million member union. The poll indicated that nearly half the people who said they voted for Trump oppose his agenda for education. Many voters are saying they will not likely re-elect their congressional representatives.

Among those interviewed, 45% voted Donald Trump and 40% identified as Republican. 48% voted Hillary Clinton while 41% identified as Democrat.  Green party voters couldn’t be reached as they were too busy watching for Ed Force One’s chemtrails.

The budget proposes to slash $9 Billion -13.4 %- from education. 54% of respondents “strongly oppose” this proposition.

71% found that eliminating $2.4 billion for teacher preparation is ridiculous.  73% found that the elimination of $1.2 billion for after school programs was unacceptable.

Although Republican respondents polled so negatively on the specifics of the budget and education policy, these results are not surprising.

GOP leaders in Congress called Trump’s budget “dead on arrival” and a “dumpster fire waiting to happen” during a Senate appropriations. Every GOP member not on Trump’s blackmail list criticized aspects of the spending plan, exposing just how estranged the Trump administration’s goals are with that of Congress. Trump has yet to tweet about this as he has been busy defending himself about how he is totally super not guilty of obstruction over the Internet by using his worn tactic of throwing his opposition under a bus of fake news.

It’s unclear whether the White House will be able to push through Congress any of its major education policy priorities, including the “private school choice plan.”  Or any policy for that matter.

It is also unclear whether Trump voters knew what they were getting themselves into when they sat razzle-dazzled by the talking toupee’s “charming” speeches. Hindsight is and forever will be 20/20.

63% say they would be less likely to re-elect senators who backed this agenda.  50% included the terms “Hell no” to their answers. Voting for the proposed budget cuts would turn off 39% of Republican women, and a whopping 41% of college-educated Republicans.  The poll showed bigly promises have equated to bigly letdowns across the country for Mr. President.

The Internet’s freshest Big Tinfoil Representative, E.T. Probher, provided a unique perspective on the Education Agenda. We can’t quote him verbatim because it’s hard to transcribe mumbles and grunts, but we think it amounted to something like this:

“All them numbers you just showed me were confusing but I’ll ignore them for the sake of an opinion anyway.  Trump wants to make America stupid so they can’t oppose him on issues on the off-chance he gets re-elected. Next thing you know there will be private schools that teach the earth is flat, and that chemtrails are real. I mean being a conspiracy theorist myself I would love to see that happen, but it’ll take blog readers away from me and how will I get paid from “Patreon” subscribers then?”

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