He has the best words.
He has the best words.

AP — Polls conducted last weekend after Donald Trump’s press conference where we should just “Buhleef” him on the Tax Reform, and his infamous tweet from November 29th about Matt Lauer that began with the very non-presidential opening statement “Wow”- showed that Donald Trump has managed to ruin specific, very rudimentary words in the English language.

Tweet shown here for reference.

Let’s review the data ourselves, shall we?

All one hundred participants were randomly picked by a programmed algorithm designed to find the least amount of similarities between those being polled. They were taken from different states voter registration databases from the 50 states. This is not exactly important but it does show that this poll was conducted without bias or exclusivity.

Many words were given out to be chosen from, as President Trump has a rather large word bank he likes to pick catchphrases from despite his small vocabulary. Here is the complete list of words/phrases given in the poll:

• Win
• Stupid
• Weak
• Loser
• We
• They
• Politically correct
• Moron
• Smart
• Tough
• Dangerous
• Bad
• Lightweight
• Amazing
• Huge
• Tremendous
• Terrific
• Zero
• Out of control
• Classy

Four words, in particular, stood out to the statistics department that reviewed the poll data and they are: “Wow, “Huge”, “News”, and “Classy”.

What is even more telling, if you take all of his “best words” and manufacture a narrative around them you usually get something like this. We had our tech department run special software to make over a million paragraph combinations using his favorite words. The results were baffling, but they averaged out to about this:

“I win, even though I am a stupid, weak loser. We conned the country into thinking that they– Democrats are too politically correct because I think that everyone I tweet out to is a moron. I lie to myself about how smart and tough I am. This makes me a dangerous individual with bad intentions for America, the country I am now in charge of. I underestimate my political opponents as lightweights because I am so amazingly dense. My ego is huge and my penis is tremendous you have to see it to believe it, much like all of those terrific non-consensual encounters in women’s dressing rooms at my pageants. I have zero respect for anyone else, especially women and non-whites. I am out of control by pushing these wild reforms and policies that target my number one enemy, Obama. He is classy, and better at public relations than I will ever be.”

There you have it, folks. Trump’s hidden, unsolicited thoughts based on his favorite words.  With this new information now out of the shadows, people should be wiser to the serpent’s tongue that resides within Donald Trump’s out of control mouth.

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