Pacific trash vortex deserves protecting, say Angela Hansen.
Pacific trash vortex deserves protecting, say Angela Hansen.

Nevada County, CA “A location of great historical significance is at risk, and its blood will be on Nevada County and California’s hands.”

This was the stern warning issued today by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Preservation Society, a local conservation group dedicated to fighting legislation that would endanger the Pacific trash vortex, a mass of mostly debris and pelagic plastics that has formed in the open sea. The group has aggressively taken on California’s proposed new plastic bag ban, citing it as a major threat to the survival of this modern miracle of industry.

“At this point, the patch isn’t even visible by satellite. Its continued growth is dependent on the daily disposal of hundreds, if not thousands, of grocery bags generated by the people of this county on a daily basis.”

Angela Hansen organized the grassroots effort to save the Pacific Garbage Vortex Patch when she realized that the new ban would force local residents to bring their own paper or canvas bags while shopping.

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