New York, NY — In what has both fans and critics excited, members of the often estranged progressive/psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd have announced a reunion tour to support their surprise upcoming album called Tree.

According to EMI/Columbia records insiders, the group secretly reformed last summer and began recording what was then an untitled double album. In late December, guitarist and songwriter David Gilmour came up with the title song. However, they didn’t have a cover image.

“Pink Floyd is famous for their disillusioned and non-being album covers,” said Cleveland rock-n-roll historian James Marsch. “So it would make sense they would put some thought in the cover. But how do you make a tree into a concept album about the absence of mind and isolation? Well, thankfully President Trump was able to provide that for us.”

During a recent state visit by French President Emanuel Macron to the White House, President Trump accompanied by his wife Melania and French first lady Brigitte Macron, the small ensemble participated in a tree-planting ceremony on the grounds. A photo of the staged event went viral, and the band finally had found the image they were looking for.

“I was never particularly gregarious. I was quite shy, closed in. It’s a classic isn’t it, your psychiatrist will tell you, that’s how I release it, through music, said Mr.¬†Gilmour commenting on Tree on how it relates to his personal life.”I’ve always felt like a quiet, unassuming tree. That’s really what the album is about when it comes down to it. It’s a very tempting thing to try to relive your glory days when you get a little older and you worry that people have forgotten all about you, like a tree.”

Apparently, there was some internal fighting about the name of the new album.

“Well, my sources tell me that Roger Waters wanted the album to be more of a political statement targeting Trump and suggested the title of Dumpster,” continued Mr.¬†Marsch, “but the rest of the band voted down the idea, which I’m told has led to some tensions with the members. But they were able to get the recording done, so it probably wasn’t as bad as I was hearing.”

The album is scheduled to be released sometime in the Summer, with tour dates to follow shortly afterward.

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