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Green Bay, WI — Vice President Mike Pence broke into an uncharacteristic and surprisingly decent version of a “robot dance” during a Green Bay, Wisconsin campaign rally for President Trump.

Recently poll results released this Wednesday found Mr. Trump only getting 37 percent support among likely voters, compared to 58 percent for Democrat Joe Biden and 5 percent for Libertarian Biff Alderson. The Vice President was there to bolster what aides have called “MAGA support,” referring to President’s often used phrase Make America Great Again.

The rally started like every other pro-Trump event, with Rolling Stones music and guest speakers praising President Trump’s accomplishments. The crowd of nearly 450 people was even treated to the nation’s only clown who juggles both beer and cheese.

By the time Vice President Pence took that stage, many of the audience were already quite inebriated due to a hosted beer bar provided by the local conservative political action committee Beers for Kavanaugh. The group was hastily formed two weeks ago during the Senate’s Supreme Court hearings.

As Pence’s name was announced, the somewhat drunken crowd jeered and haphazardly clapped as the Vice President approached the stage. Sensing disorder in the audience, Mr. Pence flashed his signature smile and began to twitch his arms and legs in a robot-like dance, much to the crowd’s joy.

“We were all pretty drunk by the time he got on the stage,” said Green Bay resident and Trump supporter Owen Miller commenting on the Vice President’s unusual command of the robot dance. “He was moving around like a pro. I didn’t know he had it in him.”

After a few moments, Mr. Pence moved to the lectern and spoke about his dank moves.

“I usually save this dance for weddings,” said Mr. Pence, wiping his sweaty brow. “I’ve never done this in public before, but I have to tell you, when I’m at home listening to Cher, I rip out these moves. My family gives me all kinds of grief about it, but I’m glad you liked it.”

But Then It Got Weird

After Mr. Pence’s performance, Beers for Kavanaugh spokesman Brad Jeffries took the stage attempting to top Pence’s performance. The rowdy crowd started shouting ‘dance fight! Dance fight!” as an inebriated, Mr. Jeffries took the stage.

As luck would have it, Mr. Jeffries tripped on an unsecured microphone cable, which the audience assumed was a fancy dance move. And because it didn’t match the caliber of the Vice President’s performance, the crowd booed for over 5 minutes. Mr. Jeffries attempted to wave off the protests but eventually flipped-off the audience and abruptly left the stage.

“All right, all right, time to settle down,” said Mr. Pence entering the stage again. “He can’t dance like the ‘Masta, but boy do I know how to keep homosexuals out of bakeries. Am I right? Or am I right?”

At later appearances in Wisconsin, the Vice President didn’t repeat his performance, despite rumors on social media that he might.