Rob Remus of APART
Rob Remus of APART

Red House, VA Nothing scares Rob Remus, founder and leader of the patriot militia group APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists), more than Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

“Our very lives are at stake,” Remus says while attending to a large stockpile of toilet paper and rechargeable batteries. “The jig is up if she’s elected President. We are preparing for absolute war.”

Remus and his APART cohorts made headlines earlier this year when the group conducted a pre-dawn raid on a suspected terrorist training camp located in a remote section of Charlotte County, VA. Run by the Islamic activist group Muslims of America (MOA), the compound has been featured on various conservative news outlets for having suspected ties to the Islamic State. After a tense 10-hour standoff, the militia group was forced to stand down when the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department sided with MOA and threatened the militia with felony trespassing and weapons charges.

“It just goes to show how serious this situation is,” Remus warns, “The Obama Administration brought these terror cells here and has them protected. Hillary has already promised to let ISIS militants pour in from Mexico. It will be up to us ‘2nd Amendment people’ to defend the republic.”

APART member Del Wilkes, along with his wife and young son, have been keeping surveillance on MOA’s compound despite warnings from local law enforcement. “There’s no way in hell we are going to just sit back and watch Sharia Law take over this country. Everyone knows this election is rigged. It will be up to America’s patriots to defend the constitution and our way of life,” said Wilkes.

To help thwart election fraud, Remus has multiple ‘poll squads‘ ready to monitor polling stations throughout the state of Virginia on election day. “Mr. Trump called upon us patriots to watch the polls and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do,” Remus said. “We will be watching people as they check-in to make sure no funny business is going on. We all know the dirty tricks Democrats are capable of. We will be making sure, at least in the state of Virginia, that the integrity of the vote is not compromised.”

Still, even with ‘poll squads‘ in place, APART believes the election is rigged in Hillary’s favor. “We are calling out to all patriots to join our cause!” Remus shouted. “The time is now to nut up or shut up! If you call yourself a God fearing patriot then you must do what’s right and fight back against this evil, sick woman. Her agenda is simple, to finish what Hussein Obama started. The complete annihilation of the United States.”

Remus says thanks to the publicity the group received from their failed raid on MOA, the militia has doubled in size. “We are growing but so are they,” he said, “it’s almost impossible to keep up.”

APART leader Rob Remus
APART leader Rob Remus

A spokesperson for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office said under no circumstances will the militia be allowed to ‘monitor’ polling stations. “We’ve made it clear to APART that any interaction whatsoever with voters at polling stations is illegal and will not be tolerated,” he said.

Remus is adamant that APART will not be standing down this time, not with this much at stake. “The sheriff is another liberal Obama lackey working with the terrorists. Sorry but you won’t be catching me or my family on our knees praying to Muhammad five times a day. Not a chance.”

Have a suspected terrorist to report? Looking to join the patriot movement? APART invites you to call their offices day or night at 434-533-0069.

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