Tyler, TX — Controversy has taken over the NFL as many of its players now refuse to stand for the National Anthem before each game. The athletes are kneeling to protest against racism and police brutality in our country.  This has led to outrage from fans that feel it is disrespectful to our country and veterans. The NFL has not issued any fines or punishments to the players that protest, even though it is now affecting the league’s t.v. ratings.

Steve Landon, a 45-year-old patriot who works for Computer Associates as a customer support manager,  spoke to Gish Gallop about the protest.

“I sit there every Sunday and watch this crap during the National Anthem, everyone should stand,” said Steve. “All my friends sitting there dumbfounded over the blatant disrespect from whiny millionaires!”

It is the same thing nationwide, angry football fans sitting in their chairs watching players kneel during the National Anthem. Many, like Ryan Lehi, have stopped watching the games.

“I’m tired of sitting there watching everyone trying to make a statement, just stand up and play the game.”

The NFL Players Association says that the protesters are just exercising their first amendment rights as citizens and that the fans have no right to force them to stand during the anthem.

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