The One Billion Strong With Trump Facebook group is virtually empty.
The One Billion Strong With Trump Facebook group is virtually empty.

Facebook —  The One Billion Strong With Donald Trump Facebook Group currently has 13,000 members and is nowhere near the promised 1 billion in its title. The group was started right after the election of Donald Trump as a place where “a billion President Donald Trump supporters and discuss his options.” There is no mention what those “options” might be.

“Yeah, we’re a little disappointed about the turnout,” said group administrator and avid Trump supporter Matthew ‘da deplorable’ Mathias, “but there are tons of other pro-Trump groups out there. So I suppose if you add them all together, that’s a billion.”

According to Facebook Director of Communications Bethany Millbright, there are approximately 12,000 pro-Trump groups with a combined membership of 17.5 million users. That’s 982,000,000 users short of one billion.

“Obviously we want all of our users, both pro and against President Trump to have a meaningful experience on Facebook,” said Ms. Millbright, “but there are only 2 billion users on Facebook, and the popular Stupid Comments Are Killing Us group has more members than all the Donald Trump ones combined.”

Despite these daunting numbers, Mr. Mathias isn’t giving up on his goal of reaching 1 billion members.

“It’s like everything President Trump teaches us: dream big. And that’s what I plan on doing until I reach my goals.”

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