Kansas City, MO — Michael Dail of Kansas City has a lot to be grateful for this week. The 35-year-old father of three found himself stranded on Interstate 32 over the weekend with a flat tire and only one arm to fix it. The story has a happy ending.

“I simply can’t thank Dave Endolite for coming to my aid yesterday,” said a beaming Mr. Dail. “I was stuck out on the highway in the rain, and I’m in no condition to change a tire, as you can see.”

Dave Endolite is a foreman at the Ford Claycomo assembly plant and had just ended his night shift.

“Yeah, I was out on 32′ after my shift. It must have been 5 am, so no one was out. That’s when I saw that Michael fella waving at me. So I pulled over and helped him out. It ain’t no big deal. Dad always said, always be looking to help where you can.”

According to Mr. Dail, Mr. Endolite put the spare on his F-150, and he immediately drove to his local dealer to have it inspected.

“Well, you never know what kind of damage you might get with a blow-out that big. So it’s always a good idea to let someone look at it,” continued Mr. Dail. “I’m just happy there are still good people out there who are willing to give an arm and leg to help someone out.”

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