Aria Alexander, shown here in the only picture she's willing to make public anymore.
Aria Alexander, shown here in the only picture she’s willing to make public anymore.

Los Angeles, CA —  Los Angeles-based artist and unaware creeper Jim Dean unknowingly made himself the subject of yet another uncomfortable discussion recently after methodically “Liking” dozens of photographs belonging to a new Facebook friend. His new Facebook friend, Aria Alexander of Hollywood, CA, reported a “kind of rapey vibe” after accepting a friend request from Dean, who she had seen several times conversing with mutual friends.

“He seemed nice,” she said, looking around warily as she spoke, “I mean I’d never really talked to him myself but no one said anything bad about him so I figured ‘what the hell, let’s be friends’! I opened Facebook up again an hour later and I had 127 notifications from him Liking almost every one of my pictures going back 7 years. I blocked him right away.”

Dean expressed confusion over the matter.

“I don’t get what the big deal is,” he said via instant messenger. “I like her look so I just browsed through her pictures and hit Like on most of them. It’s not like I was going to stalk her. If she knew me she would know that.”

Alexander said she asked around after blocking Dean and found a number of women who’d experienced the same thing.


Jim Dean of Los Angeles, CA.
Jim Dean of Los Angeles, CA.

“At least five of my friends said he did the same thing to them too and it creeped them the hell out. They just ignored him and he went away after a week or so. A couple of them said he tried to start some awkward chats but the serial Liking of their pics scared ’em a little so they never responded. We all thought we were the only ones.”

Noted internet troll and MRA whiner Daft Franklin went on record stating the affair was bullshit.

“This is bullshit,” he said, visibly angry. “Every time we’re nice to women they think we’re hitting on them. Just because a guy you barely know Likes 127 photos of you in a row doesn’t mean he wants to have sex with you. Women are so arrogant.”

Alexander expressed annoyance at what she considered an obvious attempt to back pedal after getting caught “perving” out to her pictures.

“I don’t believe for a second he wasn’t imagining humping at least my leg while he was rifling through my memories,” she said, shuddering. “If this was an innocent mistake, he needs to spend 2 minutes talking to women in person about what freaks them the hell out. Seriously. 127 pictures? How do you not know that’s creepy?”

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