Some say after almost 8 years in office, President Obama is out of touch.
Some say after almost 8 years in office, President Obama is out of touch.

Washington, DC — President Obama has stepped into a bit of a quagmire today. Some of the reporters present at an impromptu press briefing were amazed. All of the reporters were shaking their heads.

President Obama was asked about the current state of race relations in the country.

“It is incumbent on us, as a nation, to eradicate racism in every form,” the president began. “We must search every niche. We must search every dark corner. There are so many things that we do and say in our everyday lives that promote racism, without giving it a second thought. Like when someone asks, ‘what should we have for dinner? Chinese food?’ This is inherently racist, people. We never ask, ‘hey, who wants American food tonight?’ It is high time we stopped denigrating peoples and foods by using racist tags like Mexican food, or Italian food, or North Korean food.'” (the president shot us a wink on the last one because North Korea has no food).

When the president was asked if this should also apply to “soul food,” he stated emphatically, “of course not! That is not racial. Let’s not make a mockery out of this. The bottom of your shoe is not a race, and, apparently, a shoe’s got to eat.”

One reporter suggested that the President might be a bit out of touch with the people.

“Let me be clear,” Obama said sternly, “I only have a limited time to write my legacy. I am going to make my mark in race relations one way or another.” Then he invited the press to join him at the Thai food restaurant around the corner.

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