Cambridge, MA — Noam Chomsky is probably the world’s most famous linguist. But, unfortunately, he’s also a world-class hater of anything that smells like capitalism, which perhaps explains why he’s spent his entire career at one of the world’s most prestigious and capitalist universities, MIT.

Noam recently decided to leave his job as an Institute Professor to become a pasta maker. Now, who would have thought that making pasta could be so lucrative? Noam had it all worked out from the start, giving him the perfect opportunity to pursue his new career without affecting his income, pension, or benefits. Noam became a partner in New Pasta Associates.

Noam The Pasta Man

Noam’s decision to become a pasta maker was perhaps influenced by the fact that he’s spent his entire life living in Boston, Massachusetts, home of the world’s best spaghetti. We don’t know exactly what happened, but there has been some speculation that he got into a dispute with MIT over money. Noam’s partner in the pasta business, Guido Barilla, has been fined millions of dollars for refusing to advertise his products on a TV channel that advocates gay marriage.

Perhaps Guido and the MIT administration couldn’t see eye to eye on this issue, and it resulted in Noam’s decision to resign. Another possible reason for Noam’s resignation was his desire for more manual, hands-on work. Noam is famous for his theory that language is inherent in all humans. While this is something that most linguists agree with, Noam went on to argue that it’s also true of all other forms of human behavior and communication. In addition, Noam’s experience making pasta and other manual labor likely made his theory more credible to the academic world.

What’s so great about making pasta?

Noam has often spoken out against the evils of capitalism and the exploitation of workers in many industries. However, Noam is unlikely to have been exploiting his staff in his new pasta-making business. Likewise, Noam is unlikely to have exploited the resources used to make his product since his partner Guido Barilla is one of the world’s biggest pasta suppliers. Furthermore, Noam will be buying his ingredients from Guido, so there’s nothing exploitative about that.

Making pasta is a straightforward process. It’s so simple that even a 93-year-old linguist could easily manage it. Of course, Noam is likely to have been paid a meager wage for his work, but that’s a small price to pay for being able to keep all the profits for himself.

How can you make so much money at something so simple?

Noam typically got paid $200,000 per year for his work at MIT. As a pasta maker, he’s likely to have been paid a tenth of that, but he still gets to keep all the profits. Noam’s partner Guido would have been paying him the minimum wage of $15 per hour. There’s nothing to prevent Noam from hiring a few of his students to help him with the process, so he’s likely to have been making a decent amount of money.

A quick word on capitalism

Noam’s decision to become a pasta maker was made when the debate about capitalism was at its most heated. For decades, the world has been engaged in a battle between communism and capitalism. This has been played out in many ways, but discussing politics without bringing up these two ideas is almost impossible. Noam’s decision to move from MIT, the world’s most capitalist university, to a small pasta-making business is his subtle political statement.

It seems that capitalism can work, but only when it’s controlled by the right people, who are guided by the correct principles. So Noam’s decision to become an honest pasta maker has been welcomed by both capitalists and communists alike. It’s undoubtedly one of the last decade’s most exciting and profitable political decisions.

Noam Chomsky has been one of the leading intellectuals of the last century. He’s been an essential advocate of socialism and an influential critic of capitalism. He’s also been a professor at one of the world’s most famous universities, MIT. But unfortunately, Noam recently left this position to become a pasta maker.

This was a radical change from his old life, but he’s made it work by keeping all the profits for himself. Noam’s decision is one of the most interesting political moves of recent times and one that both sides of the political spectrum have welcomed.

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