Cambridge, MA — Renown MIT linguistics professor, media critic, and social scientist Noam Chomsky has reportedly hired a Canadian real estate agent apparently with hopes of relocating to the United States’ neighbor to the north. The agent, Martha Bettleford of Ottawa, has been a long-time Chomsky supporter and is thrilled to work with the world-famous MIT professor.

“When Mr. Chomsky and his wife contacted me, I have to be honest. I thought it was a prank,” said Ms. Bettleford in a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “They said they were ‘exploring their options, ‘ and Canada or Quebec were places they thought might be a good fit for them.”

Although details are limited at the time of this writing, the Chomskys are presumably nervous about the Trump Administration and want a place where they feel safe.

“Well, Mr. Chomsky didn’t go into any details,” continued Ms. Bettleford, “but he did say they wanted the transaction closed soon. So you can read into that any way you want.”

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