Palo Alto, CA — A 6-month study sponsored by alt-right think tank Freedom Now! and conducted by the Palo alto-based research firm the Rundex Family Foundation has found that Ronald Reagan ranks 3rd in “Reaganesque” behind Donald Trump and, controversially, Bill Clinton. The study, which started in January of this year by the Pro-Trump group, sought to establish which American President best represents the values and methods of the 40th President of the United States.

“Well, the data doesn’t lie,” said lead Rundex researcher Robert Colvin from his Mountain View, CA, home office. “We surveyed over 70 Presidential historians and used our patented big data system called Social Scanners to compile a list of over 14,000 sources, largely from Facebook and Twitter. And what we found that Reagan was the third most Reaganesque President in recent history.”

The controversial 387-page report cited Donald Trump’s rhetorical strength in boosting the military and, more interestingly, his suggestion that the United States should use its nuclear arsenal in a first-strike capacity. However, the most controversial part of the report is the finding that former President Bill Clinton exemplified Reagan’s principles more than Reagan himself.

“Yeah, I think that will raise some eyebrows,” continued Mr. Colvin, commenting on the Clinton findings. “But his militarism and, more importantly, his embrace and acceleration of conservative supply-side principles and his deregulation efforts of key industries puts Bill Clinton quite ahead of Reagan.”

The Trump organization was eager to seize on the report and use it for their means.

“Like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump has the honesty and the bluntness to confront the American people’s challenges,” said former Vice President Mike Pence to hundreds of people at Reagan’s presidential library in Simi Valley. “And like Reagan, I believe Donald Trump has the toughness to rebuild our economy and command the world’s respect. We are not surprised to find that Donald Trump will be our most Reaganesque President.”

When asked about his Reaganesque status, Donald Trump was humble.

“I knew Ronald Reagan. We used to speak a lot,” said Mr. Trump after a rally in Georgia. “He was a great president. I’m going to be a great president again. The American people should be happy that I am like Reagan, who was a great president. Like I’ll be. Again.”

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