A new Study finds that chemtrails might be good for your complexion.

A new Study finds that chemtrails might be good for your complexion.

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Grass Valley, CA — At Sierra Community College in Grass Valley, CA, science student Sandra Willis has made an ironic discovery about the utility of chemtrails: they are great for your complexion.

Most chemtrail theories say that the government is intentionally spraying people with harmful substances to experiment with the effects — or even to “weed out” the sick and elderly by disbursing aerosolized sulfur dioxide, aluminum, barium and occasionally dirty diaper contents. However Ms. Willis’ discovery might sway naysayers into the pro-chemtrail camp.

Ms. Willis did her term paper on the effects of chemtrails. She conducted numerous experiments to determine her findings.

Gish Gallop spoke to Ms. Willis about her claims.

“Well chemtrails are REAL! The evidence is everywhere, do those look like ordinary clouds?” She pointed out the window at a cloud that resembled former Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. “Natural ice crystals would not have melted away blemishes by now, but chemtrails do. During my experiments, I would collect morning dew from plants and study its effects on my skin. My results showed that my skin is so much smoother and moisturized. Chemtrails probably contain aloe. Or something.”

We asked Ms. Willis if she had any evidence to support her claim.

“Well, no not really. But how else would you explain this. It is obvious where this comes from, there are former pilots that have admitted it, I saw it on the internet!”

While we do not know if her claims are true, her skin does look great. If you would like to talk to Ms. Willis, just look for her at school, she will be taking her Earth Science class over again next semester.