Palm Beach, FL — Famous Television doctor personality¬† Dr. Mehmet Oz has moved his Pennsylvania Senate campaign headquarters to Florida, his campaign spokesperson Bethany Millbright said today. The Republic of Turkey citizen and New Jersey resident said through Ms. Millbright that he sees no issues with running his complex operation from such a remote location.

“Well, it’s not like Washington D.C. is in Pennsylvania,” said Ms. Millbright speaking with reporters from Dr. Oz’s Palm Beach mansion. “So he’s just practicing leading from afar as all politicians do. Being in Florida puts him closer to his donors and the excellent Republican leaders like Ron Desantis and Rick Scott, who have been advising Dr. Oz for the past year.”

The Controversial “Doctor”

This isn’t the first or probably the last time America’s favorite TV doctor has been under the microscope.

The surgeon-turned-TV star has spent much of his entertainment career embracing untruths. This included touting astrology as a legitimate medical tool and that apple juice contained unsafe arsenic levels. However, his tremendous following has protected his unique evidence-free brand and made him a favorite of other well-paid liars like Donald Trump.

And despite facing mounting criticism for his embrace of harmful pseudoscience and the provision of evidence-free health advice, Oz remains connected to Columbia University’s¬†medical school and is a licensed physician. Moreover, the fake TV doctor says he gets more work done in sunny Florida.

“Dr. Oz believes in the power of sunshine,” Ms. Millbright continued. “And let’s face it, Pennsylvania can’t compete on that level. Besides, everyone works remotely during COVID anyway. So it’s not like he’s living the van life. He’s got an office and all kinds of people working for him to stay connected with the good people of New Jersey. And occasionally Pennsylvania.”

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