The new Centennial Dam project will host a new water park and and fully re-assembled Bridgeport Bridge.
The new Centennial Dam project will host a new water park and fully re-assembled Bridgeport Bridge.

Grass Valley, CA — Officials of the Nevada Irrigation District (“NID”) confirmed today that a new recreational facility will be included in the Centennial Dam Project.  Dubbed by NID officials as “BearSplash!,” the new water park is designed to accommodate residents of Nevada County, as well as attract parched families looking for hydration from Sacramento, the Bay Area and Southern California.

Rem Scherzinger, NID’s General Manager, explained to Gish Gallop that the District realized it needed to attract support for the controversial dam project and decided that adding roller coasters, water slides and other water features would render the project more attractive to community dissenters.  Scherwinger said that BearSplash! would also help reduce the recreational overload on existing access locations on the Yuba River, which he noted should  help expedite regulatory approvals for the facility.

Sherzlinger then explained how NID had been roundly criticized in the past for failing to provided access to trails across NID properties, and he noted that had caused him some big headaches from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”)  in the NID re-licensing process.  He said that he was confident that BearSplash! would eliminate those concerns.

Pulling out some maps and engineering designs, Sherzlinger described the Phase I water features that would be unique to Nevada County and its mining history.

BearSplash Logo
BearSplash Logo

“Our main attraction as you enter the park will be very familiar to you,” Scherzinger said. “It’s the Bridgeport Bridge, which we are purchasing from California State Parks, as they didn’t get sufficient funding to finish their renovations.  We are disassembling it there and shipping it in pieces to BearSplash!, where it will be reassembled just inside the gates.  We plan to light it up at night, and it will be visible for miles, attracting traffic from I-80.  Kids will literally be screaming at their parents to come here, especially as the climate continues to get hotter and water supplies further diminish.”

Schlesinger then described the “Chinook Fish Ladder Flume Water Slide,” where little wooden carts will careen down a rickety wooden flume, accompanied by lifelike salmon struggling to climb the ladder as riders descend.  He said they wanted to use real salmon, but had abandoned that idea, because his wildlife experts had told him that no salmon would still be in existence by the expected time of BearSplash! construction.

Phase II, which will be constructed by 2050, will feature an indoor Dubai-style indoor water park that is expected to be a draw for families around the world.  Please log on to the NID website for more information as this project progresses.

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