Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire
Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire

Cedar Ridge, CA — Painting contractor Tommy Empire isn’t happy even one little bit. Tommy and his wife Peggy recently bought a house near the Cedar Ridge “Y” on Lower Colfax. He’s been living a nightmare ever since.

“How was I supposed to know that all the people living in this neighborhood were idiots? One guy brews beer and tosses his mash out on the road, which stinks like crap the next day. The clown across the street holds his knitting circle every Wednesday night for 3 hours. No place to park as far as the eye can see. I mean, geez…knitting?? And one of the kids in the neighborhood raises baby squirrels that have been abandoned by their mommy squirrels. Come on folks, let’s get real here.”

Empire was interested to learn there are many counselors in Nevada County ready to help. “I guess I was happy to find that out at least. When me and Peggy lived in Vacaville the counselors there were more for women whose husbands were deployed, and kids on meth. Apparently there’s a lotta guys in this place that need someone to talk to…I guess I’ll give it shot.”

We’ll keep you posted on Tommy’s progress.

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