The first of several State of Jefferson refugee camps in Nevada.
The first of several State of Jefferson refugee camps in Nevada seen here at the Boomtown Resort and Casio west of Reno.

Boomtown, NV — Officials from the State of Nevada are reporting a new alarming trend, a mass migration to Nevada of residents escaping from the rural California states that are targeted to become the new State of Jefferson. While Nevada has seen a steady stream of Californians seeking asylum since plans for the new state were announced, recent events have caused the number of refugees from California to skyrocket, and Nevada officials are worried that their state lacks the resources needed to support all the transplants seeking to relocate.

The most recent surge in California refugees followed a cover story on the economics of the State of Jefferson published in the San Jose Mercury News.  The article detailed how the residents in the rural counties that comprise the new state are actually the recipient of more state funds than the residents of the more urban counties that are subsidizing them. Apparently, some readers began to panic, packed up their families and rushed the Nevada borders, seeking to stay ahead of the financial ruin that threatens their homes and families if the State of Jefferson plans come to fruition.

Both the States of California and Nevada announced today that traffic at the agricultural checkpoint border between the states has been reversed, and now cars entering Nevada will be stopped there and questioned before being allowed admittance. The Potter family from Modoc County, a county whose board of supervisors has supported Jefferson, is currently staying in a tent in a refugee encampment approximately ten miles west of Reno.

State of Jefferson Refugees
Nevada is mobilizing all available resources to deal with the influx of State of Jefferson refugees.

Patriarch Jeb Potter told us the decision to put all their possessions in their minivan and hit the road was not an easy one for him, but he wanted to move his family before the border closed.  Potter said, “These Jefferson people are going to drive us all to ruin.  They don’t understand that it’s the urban areas that are subsidizing our rural infrastructure in Modoc County, not the opposite.  They have no plan for funding the new state or providing essential services to its residents.”

Matt Reddon, the Nevada Director of Health and Human Services Services, is mobilizing all available staff support near the California border and is asking Brian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada, for more resources to avoid, as he called it, “A domestic humanitarian tragedy of huge proportions.”

Reddon told us that some families are caught in long lines of traffic at the border crossing, while other families are arriving in ramshackle boats on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.  Nevada rescuers are stationed on the lake’s shores offering supplies to the exhausted and cold families struggling off the boats.

Reddon said, “This crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time.  The weather is starting to become really cold, and this whole Donner Pass region has had a really gnarly past with refugees trying to make it across in the winter.  We certainly don’t want to see a reenactment of that, and the families in boats are already at risk for their lives.  Arizona needs to take some of these people-we are being inundated, and Arizona hasn’t taken any of these folks.  Plus, these refugees are really tying up traffic for the skiers.”

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