Artist's rendition of a fallow Cottage Street in Nevada City, CA
Artist’s rendition of a fallow Cottage Street in Nevada City, CA

Nevada City, CA — In an effort to “get back to nature” and to attract the valuable Bay Area tourist dollars, the City Council of Nevada City is considering allowing select neighborhoods to go fallow. In the October 10th Agenda meeting minutes revealed that several council members are in favor of this “targeted natural reclamation of city streets,” in order to “promote the burgeoning Ecotourism industry.”

“There is a lot of money to be had from the flat landers,” noted the meeting minutes. “And rather than modernizing our streets with new-fangled lights and other riff-raff, we should be moving in the opposite direction and allow some select neighborhoods to go fallow. We can turn sections of Nevada City into wild vacation lands. Think of it like a trip to the jungles of Costa Rica.”

According to insiders close to the plan, the Cottage Street neighborhood is going to be the first “managed” fallow experiment. The project will start by cutting off power, water and sewer services to residents. To hasten the progress, the City is planning on directing monies from the General Fund to transplant native trees and shrubs into the streets. There are also plans to install ivy onto homes to give it that “wild, post-apocalyptic look,” according to an anonymous source. After the transplant is done, the city plans on installing climbing walls, tree-top “adventure” trails and a zip line down the middle of the street.

Although this is a “mind experiment” by the somewhat eccentric small town City Council, residents on Cottage Street were concerned.

“I’m all for experimenting with new ideas,” said a concerned Cottage Street resident Stacy Grant, “but this is not the way to do it. I’d prefer they experiment with someone else’s neighborhood, ya know? Not mine. I like sewer services, thank you.”

According to documents obtained by Gish Gallop, there are no specific timelines for this project.

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