Columbia, SC — Popular natural health nut Erin from health nut news provides natural remedy advice for the 17 readers subscribed to her website. Everything from coconut curing Alzheimer’s to fecal matter curing mouth sores. Yesterday she made health history and announced the natural cure for Erectile Dysfunction.

“Dandelions,” announced Erin, “plain old dandelions eaten raw will make you rock hard, it has worked wonders for my husband!”

According Health Nut Erin, dandelions effect the blood oxygen absorption rate making the blood chambers in the penis larger to accept more blood. The findings came by accident after Erin conducted extensive research to help cure her husbands erectile dysfunction. She became frustrated one day and threw dandelions at her husband, famed “alternative” doctor Joseph Mercola, which he ate and 5 minutes later had an erection for the first time in 8 years.

“Even with all of my experience,” said Dr. Mercola. “Who would of thought plain dandelions would do the trick?”

Naturally Erin and Dr. Mercola want to share the cure with you. They have made dandelion capsules selected from only the best dandelions from thier neighbors yard, bottled it up for you to use when its “go” time with your special lady.  Orders can be placed at www.healthnutnews.com. Bottles of 15 capsules are available there for $19.99.

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