New Racing Cup Announced For 2018
New Racing Cup Announced For 2018

Daytona Beach, FL — NASCAR, specifically Jeff Gordon, is officially announcing plans to move forward with the Gaytona USA National Racing Association -or Gay NRA for short.  The move was finalized after Gordon released in a private press conference that NASCAR was making moves to celebrate the gay community by giving them their own racing circuit.

Gaytona 500 will be the “Maiden Voyage” for the new racing circuit, planned for April 20th, 2018.  Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Danica Patrick, and other professional NASCAR racers will be headlining the event.  Jeff Gordon is on record stating that this race will be a historical monument in the timeline of not only NASCAR but automobile related history itself.  Claiming it to be “fabulous”, Gordon sped off in his Monte Carlo, leaving us to eat his dust.

Live coverage of the Gay NRA’s Gaytona 500 is expected to be broadcast on all major networks, including FOX Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, NBC, ABC, and Nickelodeon.  Live streaming services will be available the day of the race from multiple service providers, and local cable companies will also provide a pay-per-view service for digital cable subscribers.  With such a wide coverage, this race is expected to be the event of the millennium.

Protesters are already swarming NASCAR Headquarters, with signs proclaiming that NASCAR was fine the way it was. A hashtag has formed around the controversy on social media, #steerfromqueer. Critics of the Gay NRA say that “by making a “gay only” race club instills segregation into the NASCAR organization by nature.  Fans of NASCAR have mixed opinions on the subject of homosexuality, but that shouldn’t dictate how they run their company and their races.”

Tickets will be available at

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