Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Mystery: Which Jim Hemigsi is the Real Jim Hemigsi?

Grass Valley, CA — In our routine Gish Gallop searches for “Jim Hemigsi,” we were startled to find that the publisher of the 150 year old Union Newspaper has as many as two, maybe three identities.

Jim Hemig1First there’s Jim Hemigsi, the publisher of the Union. Ok, we’re pretty sure that him. We think, but we can’t be sure because of that goofy mask. And why is he listening to Lolo Gervais? He’s not telling us something.

Jim Hemig2Then here’s Jim Hemigsi, the Porsche Century Bike Ride whatever-that-is thing. Is it a bike? A Car? We’re pretty sure this profile is an impostor because who confuses a bicycle with a sports car? Answer: not the real Jim Hemigsi!

Jim Hemig3And lastly there’s Jim Hemigsi who was apparently fired from Swift Communications because he lists his employment in the past tense. Is that a grammatical error? I mean, he’s just the publisher not the editor, so that’s always a possibility. If he was fired from Swift, how is he working at the Union which is owned by Swift? Food for thought. Or not.

The question is for you, dear Gish Gallop reader. Who is the real one?

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