Grass Valley, CA — The appearance of an apparent long-silvery space vehicle in the downtown Grass Valley, CA Safeway parking lot has been verified as an out-of-town Taco Truck and not a US Air Force surveillance device.

The unusual truck was mistaken by many locals to be some kind of Air Force special operations urban assault vehicle or SOUAV, for short. Calls came into local radio stations as well as to local police authorities requesting additional information on the United States military’s interest in downtown Grass Valley.

“I knew it. I knew it, ” said one caller to community radio station KVMR, “they’re getting ready to invade us and put us into FEMA prison camps. The Air Force is sending in their ‘ahead’ contraptions to monitor the situation.”

The mysterious Air Force truck was really Maria's Mexican Tacos.
The mysterious Air Force truck was really Maria’s Mexican Tacos.

According to local authorities, the Taco Truck in question, the Auburn-based Maria’s Mexican Tacos, was not actually in operation but merely visiting town for a tune-up at local auto shop Eagle Automotive. Because the Truck wasn’t serving food, it had not violated any local permitting restrictions. Authorities were quick to respond to the impending invasion concerns with an oft-repeated “What the @#$% is wrong with you people?”

Maria’s Mexican Tacos could not be reached for comment, although Gish Gallop assumes that the Taco Truck company has no plans of corralling locals into FEMA camps. According to many non-insane locals, they would love to see Maria’s Mexican Tacos operating in the Western Nevada County Area, for tacos, that is.

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